Berner's McIntosh Information Site

Why this site about the legendary McIntosh audio items?

Well, the search for information about McIntosh items is not so easy:
- where to find colorful and "beautiful" pictures?
- where to find manuals, infos, tests, ... ?
- where can buy an item?
- where can buy replacement parts?
- Tips
- Links

The web is an ideal information platform, but first it is necessary to find the right info.
The site is a supplement for other good sites.

The purpose is to provide information and a good experience for all:
- show "beautiful" pictures
- present materials online: manuals, infos, tests, pictures, ...
- offer links to other "Mac"-sites

To achieve these purposes I need support.
I'm very happy if you send information to me.
In gratitude I will named the sponsor (favorer).

Most information available on this homepage are free.
But, there are people which want to sell information from this website (auctions of manuals).
For this reason, some information are protected with a password.
Each sponsor receives automatically this password.
The owner cannot be held liable for any direct or indirect damages, which may occur through the use of the information presented here.

Disclaimer and Bibliography

Please send infos to the following address:
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